Strength messaging project

We’re working with Sport England and the Centre for Ageing Better to find ways to help your patients become stronger.


Research shows that 34% of adults aged over 55 don't meet the strengthening guidelines. One in three of these said that long term conditions (LTCs) are why they don't do these activities. Over 15million people in England live with at least one LTC.

Muscle-strengthening activities should be done at least two days a week, but any strengthening activity is better than none.

UK Chief Medical Officers’ Physical Activity Guidelines, September 2019

We understand from you that a consistent resource is needed to tackle the challenge and appreciate the task of encouraging people to do more strengthening activities has accelerated in scale due to coronavirus.

It’s widely recognised that physiotherapists and the wider physiotherapy workforce have direct and trusted relationships with their patients and are considered to be the movement experts by their patients and other health professionals.

So far, we've spoken to people with LTCs and members to understand more about experiences, the barriers, perceived benefits, and motivating factors to strengthening activities before and during lockdown.

What can you do?

Now we're in the creative phase to build a preferred concept which is shaped by the insight findings with a view to building a resource for you and your patients to use, so you can:

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