As one door closes…

CSP council member Katrina Kennedy calls on all CSP members to do their bit for the society, no matter how small

by Katrina Kennedy



Having just completed a fantastic two years as a council member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy I wanted to reflect on my relationship with the professional body and how we can engage more with the broader membership.

Over the last four years, I have had a close relationship with CSP. However, following the recent election, where only 11 per cent of the membership voted, I have not been chosen to lead the profession in the new council. Although I am disappointed I feel strongly that it is now time for me to pass the baton to others.

I am writing this blog whilst travelling home from the society’s Annual Representatives Conference in Manchester, where motions relating to the strategic objectives of the CSP were debated. I have been to this event twice. However what struck me today was the number of members who were attending for the first time. It is so important for all members to have a chance to go to it. So if you are a representative who has been several times why not pass the baton to others?

If everyone who is engaged with the CSP made it their mission to make every contact count with every physiotherapist they network with - and to encourage others to get involved - we could galvanise a social movement and empower all the members.

I started my relationship with the CSP many years ago when I tried to influence the NICE guidance on lower limb trauma. However, at that time I was not deemed experienced enough and was therefore not chosen as the CSP spokesperson. So I approached NICE and was involved anyway.

In 2014 I successfully gained a place on the professional practice and service delivery committee which opened my eyes to the work the CSP staff do on behalf of the profession.

It is my opinion that this work could be maximised if all physiotherapists during their career engaged with and supported the staff at Bedford Row and the other country offices in Belfast, Edinburgh and Cardiff.

Over the last four years, I have marked seven rounds of academic educational awards as a member of the CSP panel. I have loved reading the career developments of physiotherapists and their rationale for furthering their academic skills. We are fortunate that the Charitable Trust supports this funding which also enables students, whose applications reach the marking target, to have a funded placement abroad.

Apart from the committees, there are so many other ways to get involved with our member-led society. I have submitted abstracts, presented posters and podium talks at Physiotherapy UK, and am reviewing abstracts again this year.

How to get involved:

Are you going to Physiotherapy UK? With the cost significantly reduced to only £99 for 2 days this year, we need to ensure that managers enable their staff to attend.

Have you used all the Physiotherapy Works briefings?

Have you seen the BRILLIANT Rehab Matters film, and if not, why not?

Are you using the web for CPD and ebite learning?

Did you know you could also Think Physio, Act Local?

Also, the Educational Awards panel will be advertising for six new members, as my term of office finishes once I have marked the spring academically accredited awards. Please step forward once this opens, and apply for this exciting opportunity to award funding to enable physiotherapists to reach their potential and pursue MSC modules.

It is essential that we members engage others to enhance the work of the CSP staff.

So my silver lining is the opportunity that being a member of council gave me. My personal growth over the last two years has been huge. I was honoured to represent Council at the World Confederation of Physical Therapy Conference in Cape Town.

And despite the sleepless nights and challenging debate, I am proud to have contributed to the governance review.

We now have eight new members on council and I am keen to use my passion and energy to support the CSP’s upcoming physical activity campaign.

As one door closes, another door opens!

Apply to be on one of our committees


Katrina Kennedy is Associate Director of AHP for Hampshire  Hospital Foundation Trust. Follow Katrina on Twitter @katrina_quality
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