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Voting through a change to CSP’s council is only the first step, says chair Catherine Pope. The next is for members to put their hands up and to take part

by Catherine Pope



I’ve written a lot in recent blogs about the CSP governance review and the changes CSP council proposed to improve member leadership and engagement.

So I am delighted that the proposals were agreed by the membership at the AGM earlier this month.

I won’t repeat all the changes here but you can find out more about them below:

I strongly believe the new model will make a really positive difference to the way the CSP is able to act strategically. Transparent, streamlined and timely decision making will enable a more effective voice for physiotherapy as well as greater accountability to the membership.

Do you have what we're looking for?

My purpose now is to encourage you to put yourself forward as a candidate for council or a committee in our forthcoming elections. We are looking for members with leadership experience and skills, an understanding of performance management, the ability to think strategically, and above all a passion for physiotherapy and the CSP as a professional body and trade union.

This doesn’t mean we are solely looking for physiotherapy managers. You could have gained these skills in any committee or leadership role that you have held within or outside work. Some of the most inspiring and effective leaders I’ve met have been at very early stages in their career. And we really want to attract as diverse a range of candidates as possible to ensure the profession is spoilt for choice in choosing the best people to take physiotherapy forwards.

This is a really exciting time to be at the heart of physiotherapy leadership and strategy development. Our campaign to increase access to physiotherapy in primary care as first contact advanced practitioners has resulted in NHS commitment to widespread implementation.

The launch of CSP’s short film #RehabMatters is attracting incredible levels of cross-party political support which we really need to capitalise on. These are great opportunities to grow our profession and improve the career development opportunities available to our members.

Equally there is a need for some robust internal debate and challenge within the profession about what we stand for – professionally and as a trade union for our members. We can’t keep being everything for everyone, putting our efforts into maintaining a comfortable consensus rather than challenging complacency and resistance to change.

If that excites you and you feel you have something to offer, then just go for it. If you’re a bit unsure then message me or talk to a current or previous council member for more information. Your profession needs you and members just like you to get involved. I can honestly say I have never regretted my CSP involvement – I can see the outcome of plans and decisions I’ve been part of and have gained so many skills and opportunities in return.

What's next?

The next stage will be reinforcing the role of country boards, regional and professional networks, students and associates to ensure leadership is distributed throughout the profession to those in the best position to exert local and/or specialist influence. There will be greater use of short-life working groups, virtual networks, roundtable events and focus groups.

This should mean that more members will feel engaged in CSP strategy and see modern, relatable examples of quality physiotherapy showcased nationally, regionally and locally in all four countries.

So however great or small a commitment you can make there is truly an opportunity for every member to be active and engaged in promoting physiotherapy.

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