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Governance review

The Governance Review is a Council-led initiative looking at key governance structures and processes to ensure they are fit for purpose.

'Fit for purpose' means that structures and processes:

  • Promote and progress the CSP vision and strategic priorities
  • Support member engagement
  • Enable appropriate strategic decision making
  • Reflect good practice and value for money

It has tasked a small, short life governance working group to manage some of this work. The group has three members: vice president Alex MacKenzie is chair, and is joined by two other Council members: Sharon Greensill and Beverley Harden.

Work at the moment focuses on current arrangements and practice, as well as learning from other membership organisations (including those with trade union status).

The Council receives reports at each of its meeting to consider and make any decisions as necessary. However, any significant change will need to be agreed by the CSP membership. This will be done formally at the Annual General Meeting in October 2017. However, members need to be involved at each stage of the review to inform and shape its work.

The governance working group is developing a communications plan to ensure all members, on behalf of particular groups, areas or countries or individually, can contribute to the review. Ideas about how we can reach members who tend not to engage with the CSP are particularly welcome.

Any initial comments/suggestions can be made via email to the working group, or to head of governance Jo Hampton.


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