CSP corporate strategy 2020-2022

The strategy sets the Society's direction for the next three years, explaining how CSP members and staff are working together to achieve our shared goals

Our mission and vision

The mission and vision set out what we are here to do as an organisation, and what we are aiming to achieve as a profession.

Our mission for the CSP

To transform the health and wellbeing of individuals and communities by empowering our members and exerting our influence.

Our vision for physiotherapy

To transform lives, maximise independence and empower populations.

Our strategic principles

Seven principles guide our strategy and decisions:

  1. Empowering members: we have the greatest impact where members are able to influence at service, community, regional or national levels.
  2. Proactively promoting physiotherapy: throughout our work, we seek to explain the positive impact of physiotherapy on personal and population health.
  3. Supporting members in their working lives: we will provide services that members need to practice, where we are the organisation best placed to do so.
  4. Embracing change: we will focus on physiotherapy as a solution to challenges facing health or care, and support members to maximise the benefits of the changes that address these challenges.
  5. Being reliable partners: wherever possible we will collaborate with patients’ organisations, professional bodies, unions, and other stakeholders.
  6. Being politically neutral but politically engaged: we seek to influence public policy in the interest of patients and members, but we will not align ourselves with any party.
  7. Strengthening the organisation for future generations: we will seek to future proof the CSP so that we can sustain the profession over the next 100 years.

Download our strategy

Download the first draft of the 2020-22 strategy