CSP corporate strategy 2020-2022

The CSP's strategy for the next three years focuses on building a thriving physiotherapy community, championing physiotherapy, maintaining an effective and sustainable organisation, and supporting members in their professional and working lives

Our mission and vision

The mission and vision set out what we are here to do as an organisation, and what we are aiming to achieve as a profession.

Our mission for the CSP

To transform the health and wellbeing of individuals and communities by empowering our members and exerting our influence.

Our vision for physiotherapy

To transform lives, maximise independence and empower populations.

Strategic aims and their outcomes

Build a thriving physiotherapy community

  • Increase our membership amongst students, qualified physios and support workers in line with the growth of the profession.
  • Organise our members so that, collectively, they are in a stronger position to shape the profession and support each other.

Champion physiotherapy

  • Ensure that other professionals, and the public, recognise the scope and potential of physio.
  • Ensure the full roll-out of first contact physio in primary care.
  • Secure long-term investment in community rehabilitation for all.
  • Influence the balance between supply of, and demand for, physios and physio support workers to meet service needs.

Maintain an effective and sustainable organisation

  • Ensure the CSP remains financially stable.
  • Ensure our staff have the systems and support they need to deliver the strategy.
  • Use the research and data related to physio that is needed to deliver the strategy.

Support members in their professional and working lives

  • Provide the advice that members need in their practice and at work.
  • Protect working practitioners with PLI and legal support.
  • Represent members at work and negotiate on their behalf.
  • Develop members' leadership skills and help them into senior roles across health and care.
  • Help physios and physio support workers lead the way in using data and technology.
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