MSc Physiotherapy (pre-reg)

Key features

  • The teaching and learning on the programme will have a particular emphasis on woman’s health and paediatrics, preparing graduates with the skills, knowledge and behaviours necessary to work in this rewarding and highly sought-after workforce.
  • Throughout the course, specialists in the field of physiotherapy, the health professions and rehabilitation therapists will be invited to join us as guest speakers. You can also expect to meet service users with direct experience of using physiotherapy services and benefit from their unique and valuable perspectives on the role of physiotherapists in practice.
  • Our dedicated team will guide you as you develop critical thinking and research evaluation skills and apply these during your master’s-level project, which gives you the choice between either a scientific or a work-based enquiry. This experience will support your on-going professional development in future and help you evaluate evidence to inform your practice and decision-making in the field.
  • Physiotherapy can be very demanding and carries a lot of responsibility so we’ll support you to learn strategies and techniques that can help you to build your professional and emotional resilience to successfully manage the situations you face.
  • In preparation for a career in this dynamic, evolving profession we aim to expose you to many of the different clinical settings, sectors and industries in which physiotherapists are currently finding employment. These may include emerging areas such as the third and voluntary sectors, first-contact practitioners and the Ministry of Defence.
  • On successful completion of this programme, you’ll be awarded the MSc Physiotherapy (Pre-registration) from the University of Bolton.