University of Liverpool

Founded in 1881, the University of Liverpool has an impressive history of pioneering education and research, with a particular emphasis on 'education for the professions'. Today it is a principal centre of excellence in many disciplines, including engineering, medicine, dentistry, business and law - as it strives to prepare students for the challenges of the 21st century.



About us

As one of the UK’s top 20 research-led universities it is furthering knowledge with strategic partners worldwide. It is one of the UK’s most inclusive universities, welcoming students from a wide variety of backgrounds and from over 100 countries of the world.

The University of Liverpool is a pre-eminent research-based university with 27,000 students pursuing over 400 programmes spanning 54 subject areas. Comprising 3 faculties: Health and Life Sciences; Humanities and Social Sciences; and Science and Engineering, the University's teaching is at the forefront of knowledge and is often delivered by internationally renowned individuals. This includes an increasing number of experts from our developing international network of partner institutions. To aid lifelong learning it has partnered with Laureate Inc. to become Europe’s leading supplier of on-line postgraduate programmes. These offer the same level of excellence as our campus-based programmes. Over 3,000 students from 175 countries are now studying with us online.

As a member of the Russell Group an association of 20 major research-intensive universities of the United Kingdom, the University of Liverpool has an enviable international reputation for innovative research. Research collaborations extend worldwide and address many of the vital challenges of today, in medicine and veterinary science; technology; science; engineering and social and environmental sciences.

 ‘Employability’ is a primary goal for the University across all our subject areas, so course development is strongly informed by industry and the professions. In the most recent survey, 95.6% of our graduates are engaged in employment or further study.

The University of Liverpool is looking outwards, across the world, to create a new international network for education and research, working with leading institutions. Last year 2,500 students from 110 countries studied at the University. We have a thriving international student community, in a city renowned for the welcome it extends to visitors.

Contact details:

Mrs Karen Madden, Admissions Unit, School of Health Sciences, University of Liverpool, Thompson Yates Building, The Quadrangle Brownlow Hill, Liverpool  L69 3GB

Tel  No: 0151 794 5712, Fax No: 0151 794 5740, Email:


About the faculty

The Faculty of Health and Life Sciences resulted from the reorganisation of the Faculties of Medicine and Veterinary Science and the Schools of Biological Sciences and Psychology in September 2009. The faculty comprises five Research Institutes: Ageing & Chronic Disease, Infection & Global Health, Integrative Biology, Psychology, Health &  Society, and Translational Medicine and one Institute of Learning & Teaching (ILT).

The Faculty is at the forefront of developments in the education of a wide range of diverse disciplines, which provides a stimulating environment that enriches the staff and student experience of university life.  The close links between the ILT and the five Research Institutes of the Faculty ensures that the teaching activities are research-led.