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Find out how the elfh Step to Work programme can help ease your transition to employment.

Step to work

Transitioning into your first role as a physiotherapist marks an important, exciting, but sometimes challenging time in your career, when considering your personal and professional journey as a physiotherapist. It might also be that you are not newly qualified, but instead moving into a new role, considering a return to practice, or internationally educated and preparing to transition to a new role within the UK healthcare system. To ease your transition into employment, the Step to Work  programme has been established to support you

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Step to Work  is an online programme from the National AHP Preceptorship and Foundation Support Programme at Health Education England, consisting of eight units hosted on eLearning for healthcare (elfh). The main objective of this programme being to ease the transition to employment (pre-preceptorship) through supporting those new to their role with guidance, support, and practical tools to help reflect on any prior knowledge and experiences and help use this to inform and support future roles. The programme will compliment, but not replace the need for high-quality preceptorship.

Units included:

1.    Positive appraisal of learning during challenging situations
2.    Personal wellbeing at work
3.    Everyday work
4.    Systems that shape everyday practice
5.    Ethics, accountability, and decision-making
6.    Developing and working in an inclusive environment
7.    Building positive relationships
8.    Sustaining change and learning

It is accessible to all via the elfh platform and can be worked through at your own pace. Access the programme.

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