Government updates guidance on PPE

The government yesterday published updated guidance on personal protective equipment (PPE) for NHS teams in all parts of the UK likely to come into contact with COVID-19 patients.


It comes amid calls earlier this week from healthcare organisations – including the CSP – for assurances that NHS staff will be given effective and appropriate protection.

The CSP welcomes the updated guidance as evidence of movement but, says chief executive Karen Middleton, ‘we remain concerned that the aerosol generating procedures (AGP) issue is still unresolved and we will keep pressing on that.


The guidance specifies the type of PPE that should be worn in different healthcare settings, advising that clinicians working in hospital, primary care or community settings who come within two metres of suspected or confirmed coronavirus patients should wear an apron, gloves, surgical mask and eye protection.

It is consistent with World Health Organization recommendations for protecting healthcare workers against COVID-19.

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