Revised code of professional values and behaviours is issued for physiotherapy staff

The CSP has revised and updated its code of professional values and behaviours for members.

Members at this year's Physiotherapy UK

The code, which sets out the standards of behaviour required of all CSP members, aims to promote professionalism and responsibility in decision-making and in fulfilling duty of care to patients and service users.

These professional values and beliefs also highlight the obligation of members to observe relevant laws and regulations as well as any rules set by educational institutions or employers.


It is underpinned by four core principles:

  1. taking responsibility for your actions
  2. behaving ethically
  3. delivering an effective service
  4. striving to achieve excellence

CSP director of practice and development Natalie Beswetherick said: ‘It is important that we regularly review the code of professional values and behaviours to ensure that we remain up to date and provide effective support in a constantly evolving healthcare environment.

‘I would encourage members to revisit the code. Their adherence helps ensure that the physiotherapy profession remains one that is united and at the forefront of delivering excellent healthcare for patients and service users.’

The updated code of professional values and behaviours is available online and a copy will be sent to all members with the January issue of Frontline.

Author: Amber Roberts


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