Physiotherapy to be offered to new mothers

Improved access to physiotherapy for new mothers is included in a package of measures on maternity care just announced by the government.


Matt Hancock, secretary of state for health and social care, said 285,000 women would receive physiotherapy interventions for incontinence by 2023/24 as part of the forthcoming NHS long-term plan.

One in three new mothers are thought to experience incontinence and physiotherapy is proven to be highly effective in tackling the problem at an early stage.

Prof Karen Middleton, chief executive of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, said:

‘This is a very welcome recognition of an often hidden problem that greatly affects the quality of life of many new mothers.

‘Improving early access to physiotherapy will give those women the support they need to tackle the issue before it becomes more serious.

‘This greater offer will need to be backed by the appropriate investment, and it’s important to recognise that this is not an issue that only affects new mothers - or just women.

‘But it is an important step to ensuring better access to specialist expertise at the moment when it is needed most.’

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