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Tolpuddle Martyrs festival

On 22 July, I spent my second year at the Tolpuddle Martyrs festival. The village of Tolpuddle holds this event annually to mark how six labourers were convicted of swearing an oath as members of the Friendly Society of Agricultural Labourers. The tree still stands under which these men discussed how they would not accept low wages, while the landowners got rich. The emotional part of the day is the walk through the village, the walk these men did in shackles as their families looked on, not allowed to say goodbye before the men were shipped to Australia. What a day! So many unions were represented, but sadly not the CSP. This is a wonderful opportunity to promote ourselves and what we do. Maybe a solution is to ask for volunteers to staff a CSP stand? A suggestion might be that we retired members do this. Please try to find a way to be present at this special weekend.

  • Amanda Barfield, retired member

End PJ paralysis

This summer, the therapy team of physiotherapists and occpational therapists hosted a tea party in our activity room. Invitations were given to all elderly-medical inpatients. The only condition was patients must be dressed and out of pyjamas. 

The party was a great success with more than 30 patients interacting and socialising with other patients and staff – while enjoying cake and a cuppa. 

Since the event, we have noticed a marked increase in patient-to-patient interaction, and increased numbers of patients dressed and out of bed.

The purpose of the event was to promote the End PJ Paralysis campaign and demonstrated the value the ‘get up, get dressed’ message can have on our patients’ rehabilitation goal. 

  • James Adamson, University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust

Ditch the plastic

Is there any chance we can ditch the plastic covering on Frontline magazines? 

  • Hazel Thompson, Canterbury

Nicky Forbes, CSP creative head, replies: The polywrap is the thinnest in the industry, and recyclable. Posting the magazine without a wrap would risk damage. Frontline is under review, as we look to new solutions to printing and despatch.

Pelvic floor pic

I am glad of an audit on how pelvic floor exercises will help prolapse symptoms (Frontline 18 July). However, this is not the right choice of photo.  It could be construed that this person is being taught to adduct their knees against the ball to gain a pelvic floor contraction and is not the way to teach the right exercises. 

  • Philippa Salmon

Mark Gould, acting editor Frontline, replies: We now have a checking system involving two clinical experts. Apologies to the reader who pointed out this error.

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