Tell us about your couch potato habits

How does sedentary behaviour affect your health? One physio is appealing for help from fellow professionals to find out.


Sebastien Chastin, a senior research fellow at Glasgow Caledonian University, launched the Sedentary behaviour International Taxonomy (SIT) website on 27 March and more than 100 researchers have already signed up to the project. SIT was created in response to mounting evidence that sedentary behaviours are detrimental to health and well-being.

‘The new UK-wide physical activity recommendations “start active stay active” actually now contain recommendations to limit sedentary time,’ says Dr Chastin. ‘The future agenda for research is to refine these guidelines and identify exactly which behaviours to target. This is a process that physiotherapists should be a part of.’

As well as a referring to a lack of physical activity, Dr Chastin explains that sedentary behaviour includes a cluster of behaviours in which sitting is the dominant posture and energy expenditure is low. He hopes that both researchers and the general public will benefit from the establishment of a comprehensive classification of sedentary behaviours.

‘Generally consensuses ignore the public, but sitting time is a very important part of our lives and therefore we cannot leave it simply to experts to decide,’ said Dr Chastin. ‘Help us by giving your opinion and ask your friends to tag their sitting time.’

Robert Millett

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