Summer’s activity campaign

Sara Hazzard provides an early glimpse of this summer’s activity campaign

This summer we’re relaunching our campaign to support members in promoting the benefits of physio to their patients, especially helpful where there are barriers to physical activity.

Love Activity Hate Exercise? is aimed at addressing physical inactivity, a major public health problem and an area where physios have a vital and unique role. It ran throughout last year and saw some positive, encouraging outcomes. Which is why we’re going to continue the campaign this summer.

With our increased insight we’re developing new resources for members to use. Like last year, these will include printed materials like posters and online resources like webpages and social media postings that you can discuss and share with patients. They’ll be available in a couple of months’ time, all timed to fit in with the long, warm summer days when everyone is likely to be most enthusiastic about getting active.

A huge amount of research – among CSP members and the public – informed Love Activity Hate Exercise? Members told us they wanted a campaign that was fun, simple, and not too time consuming. It had to have a central message that physios agreed with and that was relevant to them. You suggested we avoid using the terms ‘public health’ and ‘physical activity’ and make a real effort to understand what might prevent people being active. 

We tested our initial ideas on the public and discovered further insight that helped shape the eventual campaign. What resonates most, we learnt, is something that shows empathy, that’s bold, asks a question and starts conversations. And so: Love Activity Hate Exercise?

And it worked. More members took part last year than in any other CSP campaign. The majority of members were positive about the campaign and used the campaign materials. And you exceeded the target for following up with your patients to assess their activity levels. 

With your involvement, it will work again this year. You can take part by signing up to get campaign materials (once they’re available), sharing digital resources, and signposting your patients to them. It’s coming soon.

  • Sara Hazzard is the CSP’s assistant director, strategic communications

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