Extraordinary you  

What an extraordinary year for all of us...

CSP CEO Karen Middleton
CSP CEO Karen Middleton

This has been an extraordinary year for all of us and everyone has had to adapt to deal with whatever the Covid-19 pandemic has thrown at us. 

No matter what sector or what level you are working at, you have responded in a way few of us could have imagined – you have saved lives, made those lives worth living, continued to provide services to those in need, returned to work following retirement and ensured our future workforce still gets trained. 

Never has the profession had to respond and evolve so fast and I applaud you for all the efforts you have made, particularly when I know many of you will have suffered bereavement and also financial difficulties. 

This supplement showcases some of the extraordinary work being done every day by you the members.  

It highlights the innovations and the achievements over the last year and I want to thank each of you – we see you and we appreciate you. 

  • Karen Middleton CSP chief executive 

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