Editor's comment: back to front

Are you someone who reads Frontline from the front to the back? Or are you more likely to start at the back, with our Networks and networking pages, asks managing editor Lynn Eaton.

Increasingly, those pages tell the story of how CSP members are taking action locally to further the physiotherapy profession’s aims. While there is now a little more support from CSP staff, particularly for the English regional networks, individual members’ enthusiasm and can-do attitude is as strong as ever.
So if you take a look at the reports, you’ll see what’s going on around the country – from the Welsh Board in Cardiff through to events in England – Winchester, Birmingham and the north east. We’ve all heard the business mantra ‘think global, act local’ as being the best way to instigate change. That’s just what the CSP is doing – though it’s probably not aiming at world domination just yet!
Do check out our article on page 16, which offers CSP members’ tips on how to bring about change, using its nationally-driven campaigns such as Older People’s Day and W@W.
You might also look at examples of physios working in primary care in north Wales. Or the special challenges of providing physio in somewhere that, to me in London at least, feels very remote: Orkney. CSP rep Fiona MacKellar has a special role in the health board there, representing the interests of all staff members.
Lynn Eaton managing editor Frontline and head of CSP member communications

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