Adviceline: rebound therapy

Sue Hayward-Giles explains why no single organisation can claim it is the only one that can offer training in rebound therapy.

As reported in Frontline the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has upheld a complaint made by the CSP.
The ASA’s decision clarified and supported the CSP’s belief that no individual organisation has a protected right to provide rebound therapy training courses. 
The ASA judgement comes after the 2014 decision by the Intellectual Property Office, the government body responsible for intellectual property rights, to agree that the registered trademark of the term was invalidated. Members may see the trademark symbol being used by others, but this does not mean that the term rebound therapy is protected.
All members who feel competent to practise rebound therapy, or to set up courses in rebound therapy, should feel free to do so. CSP membership includes professional liability insurance. This covers the scope of practice of the profession, including rebound therapy.
Rebound therapy is the therapeutic use of the trampoline and is distinct from gymnastic trampolining. The trampoline has long featured as a piece of equipment in sports and leisure services and has been used in special education since the 1970s. It has become an adjunct to physiotherapy for adults and children.
Rebound therapy is used with people with a wide range of conditions, including mild to profound physical and learning disability. In addition to being a physical therapy, rebound therapy provides many people with a valuable opportunity to enjoy movement and interaction.
Service users for whom rebound therapy is an intervention of choice may have multiple and alternative methods of communication, and physiotherapy and all supporting staff should be aware of these.
The Rebound Therapy Association for Chartered Physiotherapists provides information on safe practice, courses, mentoring and advice.
  • Sue Hayward-Giles is the CSP’s assistant director of practice development
Sue Hayward-Giles is the CSP’s assistant director of practice development

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