Advice line: workplace support to members

The CSP’s team of professional advisers can offer workplace support to members on a wide range of practice issues, as Helen Sharma explains

During my 16 years in the NHS, the only visit I recall from the CSP was from a trade unionist during a heated consultation on our contracts. As a new member of staff at the CSP, I have discovered that the professional advice team also offers service visits but with a very different focus. 

The team is made up of chartered physios and other specialists, and on a service visit you set the agenda.  For example, a professional adviser can cast a fresh pair of eyes on an existing or developing quality improvement project, set of data or new opportunity. They can help support your team in any area of professional practice such as leadership, quality improvement or use of data. Do you have a forward-thinking or innovative service? Professional advisers can help you share your best practice and promote your service more widely. 

Why does the CSP offer this support? It is through our members that we gain a real understanding of the issues you face, what you value and how we can best share your experiences at regional and national level. So, while a service visit focuses on you, your team and your service, the professional advisers’ observations and discussions feed into the bigger picture. They ensure your views are heard.

What we can’t provide is specialist legal advice, regulatory advice or dispute resolution services, including clinical disputes. If you need access to these services, we will direct you to relevant organisations or sources of information.

The team covers the whole of the UK and advisers are very happy to travel. So whether it is to advocate, support, guide or showcase, get in touch and request a service visit today. You can do this via the CSP website contact form (please write ‘Service visit’ in the subject header), or by phone or Twitter.

  • Helen Sharma is a CSP professional adviser

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