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Richmond and Hillcroft Adult Community College

United Kingdom

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Kinetic Control’s flagship course.


Focus on movement system expertise: assessment, retraining and integration into a clinical framework. Identifies where movement fits into the clinical picture and develops a robust reasoning process for each clinician. Optimising retraining though assessment with over 100 hours of face to face contact.


It is clear many clinicians are emerging as ‘Movement System Experts’. Yet, given the broad scope of the movement system, it is essential that this expertise is built by a comprehensive education model.


Education supplies new perspectives; changing our clinical practice, developing our clinical skillset, helping our patients’ long-term quality of life, and managing recurrence. Aiding clinicians in achieving these outcomes, we present a different perspective on our flagship education route, ‘The Movement Solution’


It’s an opportunity to access more than 100 hours of face to face expertise, delivered over 15 days, spread over more than 6 months.That’s a significant chunk of education; comparable and often exceeding the face to face contact of many formal, post-graduate, higher-education courses. If movement assessment and retraining is becoming increasingly central to your approach, each day of ‘The Movement Solution’ represents another step towards clinical excellence.  Although very well-established, just like any other post-graduate education, ‘The Movement Solution’ has constantly updated content and reconsidered the application of the clinical skills and concepts it presents against emerging literature.


Moving with the times and central to the Kinetic Control approach, is the emphasis placed on the ‘health of movement’ or ‘Movement Health’ (Dingenen et al., 2018; McNeill & Blandford, 2015). Therefore, this route of education puts movement at the heart of the clinical process. This 15 day course will put movement into your clinical expertise.

Week 1 - 27th April – 1st May 2020
Week 2 - 22nd June – 26th June 2020
Week 3 - 2nd November – 6th November 2020

​Complete The Movement Solution One and qualify to apply and be certified as a Kinetic Control Movement Therapist (KCMT).


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