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A course for healthcare professionals interested in interpreting musculoskeletal MRI covering cervical spine, hip & pelvis, elbow and ankle.

Ideally suited for those who have attended MSK MRI for Beginners course.

This live event will be held online via Zoom on Saturday the 26th of March, 2022


This course provides 6 CPD credits in accordance with the CPD Scheme of the Royal College of Radiologists.

Course aim:

To provide participants with a practical, stimulating, step by step guide on interpretation of musculoskeletal MRI:

-    cased based;

-    assumes little or no prior experience in MSK MRI; and

-    covers commonly performed MSK MRI studies: cervical spine, hip & pelvis, elbow and ankle

Target audience:

The course is pitched at a level suitable for radiology registrars, radiographers, physiotherapists and other healthcare professionals with an interest in interpreting musculoskeletal MRI in their clinical practice.

Learning outcomes:

By the end of the course, the attendee will have:

- An understanding of MR anatomy and appearance of most common pathology of cervical spine, hip & pelvis, elbow and ankle

- An appreciation of a step by step approach to interpreting MSK MRI

- Greater confidence reading MSK MRI, and

- Identified any knowledge gaps relevant to his/her practice, and ways by which these can be addressed

Course highlights:

-   Taught by a practising consultant radiologist with extensive experience in MSK MRI interpretation and teaching

-   Focuses on concepts someone new to MSK MRI interpretation may find challenging

-   Case based and hence relevant to day to day practice.

-    Covers most common pathology enabling attendees to make a start interpreting musculoskeletal MRI.

-    Limited number of delegates to facilitate interactivity.

How to register:

For a registration form, please email: admin@mskbeginner.com