The NHS Long Term Plan and cardiovascular health

Year published: 2019

This briefing highlights the commitments in the Long Term Plan for cardiovascular health.

Key messages from the CSP and ACPICR on local implementation

  • Local rehabilitation systems needs to be considered as a whole – adopting a symptoms and needs based approach to service and pathway design.  Community teams must be part of an expanded cardiovascular rehabilitation service
  • Cardiac rehabilitation is similar to other rehabilitation – such as pulmonary – and could be brought more together in service design and delivery.
  • A cardiovascular rehabilitation team needs to be embedded as part of the overall rehab system
  • Their role includes comprehensive assessment and individual treatment planning to be delivered in the most appropriate setting for the patient.
  • Treatment plans should direct patients to the most appropriate rehab support for them, delivered by multi-disciplinary community rehab teams drawing on both clinical and non-clinical skills and utilising community assets as appropriate.  
  • Ongoing rehabilitation in the community needs to be continuous, with no gaps  
  • Smooth and timely referral to rehabilitation services is essential, supported by Early Supported Discharge services . 

Scaling up and improving marketing of cardiac rehabilitation to be amongst the best in Europe will prevent up to 23,000 premature deaths and 50,000 acute admissions over 10 years.


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