Sporting Shoulder and Elbow

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9.00am to 1pm plus 4hrs pre-reading
Online course


Ian Gatt PhD

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The relationship between the shoulder and elbow is a crucial aspect of the Upper Limb. These two joints are integral in facilitating multiple planes of motion, enabling function in both occupational and avocational activities. Together, these joints collaborate seamlessly to enable intricate coordination required for activities like reaching, lifting, throwing, and fine motor skills. This dynamic partnership enables tasks ranging from precision to power. However, any disruption due to injury or other pathology can lead to a disruption of this partnership. Pathologies can be quite distinct in these two joints, however, useful to consider this dynamic relationship when aiming to restore function and return someone to their full activities. Following the current success of the entire Upper Limb face-to-face and online Hand + Wrist courses, this course aims to provide the clinician with the opportunity to learn about the Shoulder-Elbow regions in an engaging environment. This new online format allows clinicians to review diverse pre-course topics in the comfort of their home, and at a convenient time. This culminates in the Live + Online session where the focus will be on discussing assessment and management strategies, case studies, and an opportunity to bring your questions. This ONLINE course aims at providing you with the appropriate knowledge and tools to assess and develop a tailormade management plan for any of your patients. The content is highly transferrable from the sporting to non-athletic population, so it is highly recommended for anyone wishing to enhance their patient approach. We provide a stepwise approach in upskilling in these areas. So, if you are interested in learning more about the Shoulder and Elbow region, look no further!