Your voice as a student member

Play your part and make the most of your student membership

Karen Middleton, Chief Executive


Watch a brief introduction from Karen on how to make the most of your student membership, benefits you can reap from becoming involved as a member and the opportunities that await you once you qualify.

Students' officer

This is your opportunity to be at the cutting edge of decision making for physiotherapists and influence the support the CSP gives its members

Students' officer

The CSP students’ officer represents the interests of all student members. This post is currently being recruited.

For queries in the meantime, get in touch with the Enquiries Team on:

Get involved - become a student rep

Student reps also act as an important interface between you and the Society. The CSP’s Student Rep Charter provides guidance on the role.

Any student member of the CSP can become a rep. The selection process is outlined in the paper Get Involved. This paper also explains the role of the Student Executive Committee (SEC).

CSP diversity networks

Students are welcome to join the three CSP diversity networks. These are for BME members, members with a disability or long term health condition and LGBT+ members. Find out more about the diversity networks including how to sign up.

Get organised - join in the CSP trade union

As a student member you can play a role in the CSP trade union and join the fight for the future of the physiotherapy profession.


Read about student2steward, the network for CSP workplace stewards of the future and all students who are passionate about making physio a good profession to work in.

Get Organised

Find out more about the work of activists and representatives in the CSP union.

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