Important message – don’t delete!

CSP’s chair, Catherine Pope, says members have a huge opportunity to shape the future of their profession. It’s not something to put in the trash!

by Catherine Pope

I realise heading this blog 'don't delete' makes me sound like a dodgy fraud scheme – but please read on because this affects your future career.

Hopefully most CSP members are signed up to receive e-mail communication from the CSP. If so you will have received an email last week about the AGM. I’m sure this isn’t the most exciting topic to reach you by email and that, even with a video link to entice you in, many of you found your fingers hovering over the delete button.

Please don’t. If by some mishap you have already done so – here it is again!

As a CSP member you are part of a member-led organisation. As a trade union and professional body the CSP is funded and led by members, for the benefit of members. The AGM is when the staff and council are held to account by members for the decisions made on your behalf.

Okay, so perhaps I’m still not making it sound exciting enough. How many times have you bemoaned ‘the CSP’ for not doing something? How often do you wish that physiotherapy was more high profile? Do you wonder what your subs pay for and whether you are getting value for money? And, have you ever thought ‘how can I influence or change CSP policy?’ I really hope so!

If any of these questions have got you thinking, then the AGM is the place to find the answers.

This year we are asking members to make some really significant, far-reaching decisions about the way the profession is led and the CSP is governed.

Council is recommending that it reduces in size from the current 27 seats, representing different sections of the membership, to a maximum of 12 elected by the whole membership. In line with best practice, we believe that this will enable more timely, robust and transparent decision making. That will mean that the CSP can better influence policy makers and respond more promptly to the external environment.

Also, because members were telling us how hard it is to attend regular committee meetings, we are changing the way we engage members in our decision making and policy forming activities. Council will be supported by just three committees:

  • professional – covering what members do,
  • employment – covering where members work, and
  • finance, risk and audit - making sure the CSP is well run on behalf of members

This doesn’t mean we are reducing the way members can get involved. These committees will be supported by a number of short life working groups, networks, surveys and one-off events to ensure members can contribute as much or as little as they are able on an area of particular interest or expertise. We really hope this will enable a greater number and diversity of people to get involved in leading and shaping the physiotherapy profession.

I am strongly in favour of these proposals and hope that you will be too. But the most important thing is to exercise your democratic right and to vote.

If you have any more questions about the proposals or how to vote, including by proxy, then please email me or see the AGM page on the website

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