Getting help for shoulder pain

If your shoulder pain does not get any better, we explain how a physiotherapist can help you.

If you have had a significant injury or are in very severe pain you should attend your local emergency department. In most cases this is not required. 

Seek medical advice for shoulder pain if pain is severe and prolonged

You can follow the advice and simple exercises on this site for six weeks to see if you symptoms start to improve. If your symptoms are not improving, please consult your GP or local physiotherapist for an assessment.

How a physiotherapist can help with shoulder pain

Physiotherapists are experts in diagnosing and treating joint and muscle problems. You should receive a thorough examination after discussing your symptoms. Often a diagnosis can be made without the need for any x-rays or scans but these can sometimes be recommended.

In most cases a bespoke exercise programme will be prescribed for your specific problem. In some cases you may be referred to see a surgeon if the problem is more significant or has failed to improve with treatment.

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