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Criteria: Autonomy and Accountability

1.1 Members work within the scope of practice of the profession and their individual scope of practice


1.1.1 Members demonstrate an understanding of their personal scope of practice and the scope of the profession 

1.1.2 Members practise within their individual scope of practice

1.1.3 Members identify their learning needs and put in place learning opportunities which consider the needs of the service and service users 

1.1.4 Individuals are insured for the activities that they undertake

1.2 Members demonstrate the behaviours, skills and knowledge to fulfil the responsibilities of their role


1.2.1 Members reflect on their role and evaluate their learning needs

1.2.2 Members identify areas of learning required to develop and maintain competence in their role

1.2.3 There is a policy which includes:

  • A: checking physiotherapists are registered with the HCPC on initial employment and annually
  • B: checking physiotherapy team members have undergone relevant disclosures
  • C: assessing the suitability of new physiotherapy team members using the relevant  person specification and job description
  • D: holding personnel files which include a CV where applicable, references, records of appraisal, and evidence of engagement in CPD
  • E: an appraisal system to evaluate learning needs

1.2.4 A signature, job title and work area is recorded in the signature book for all physiotherapy team members and retained in line with record keeping legislation

1.3 Members fulfil their duty of care to service users


1.3.1 Members demonstrate an understanding of their duty of care responsibility, including how this relates to organisational, regulatory and professional standards

1.3.2 Members take responsibility for fulfilling their duty of care to the service users

1.3.3 Members take responsibility for identifying where factors, including implementation of organisational decisions and structures, have the effect of compromising their duty of care to individual service users

1.3.4 There is a policy, and implements to ensure that CSP members are supported in identifying and addressing factors that may compromise their fulfilment of their duty of care to service users

1.4 Members demonstrate professionalism at all times


1.4.1 Members demonstrate practice that is ethical and in accordance with relevant organisational, legal and regulatory requirements

1.4.2 Members behave in such a way that their manner, attitudes and actions instil confidence in the profession

1.4.3 There is a policy in place which includes:

  • A: an appearance policy
  • B: duty to report
  • C: the use of social media
  • D: physiotherapy team members working excessive hours
  • E: physiotherapy team members working in roles outside of physiotherapy


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