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Working for the CSP - our values

Our values were developed through staff consultation. They define standards of behaviour that we have chosen, to define the way we behave as an organisation.

Our values are a commitment and expectation that all our employees will:

  1. Be open and transparent
  2. Be clear about expectations and decisions
  3. Do what we say we will do
  4. Be consistent and fair
  5. Work collaboratively across the Society and beyond
  6. Listen and respect the views of others
  7. Integrate diversity and equality in all that we do
  8. Focus on the members, be proactive and continuously improve
  9. Work for the good of the whole organization
  10. Value and provide leadership

The values provide a supportive framework to enable us all to work together in a professional, courteous and productive way.

They enable us to focus on what we do that is positive and to challenge constructively those behaviours or attitudes that are contrary to the values that staff have chosen.


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