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Get up and go - a guide to staying steady

The ‘Get up and Go’ leaflet is currently out of stock until further notice.  You can either download a pdf version using the links on this page or 'contact our enquiries team' to ask to be informed once they are back in stock.

Video the timed up and go test

Falls are not an inevitable part of ageing.

In the video above, Audrey Ricahardson and Louise McGregor demonstrate the timed up and go test, which helps to assess whether a person is at an increased risk of falls.

This is one way to assess a person's falls risk, but it you're concerned about falling, the CSP recommends you seek a full and comprehensive falls assessment from a qualified healthcare professional.

Further Information on the standardised timed up and go test is provided by Agile, the network for chartered physiotherapists working with older people.

Booklet  get up and go

Published as part of Older People’s Day, the booklet below tackles common myths about falling.

A checklist helps you to decide whether you're at risk and there's plenty of advice on how you can reduce your chances of having a fall by improving your balance, muscle strength and more.

The booklet has been produced by CSP with Saga and Public Health England.

You can access and download the online version below, or buy printed copies in bulk.

The printed copies of the English language leaflet are currently out of stock.  If you would like us to contact you once they are back in stock please contact our enquiries team to request this.


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