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CSP backs calls for a cross-party health commission

CSP press release published on 28 January 2016

The CSP is supporting calls for the establishment of a commission into the future of health and social care services.

CSP backs calls for a cross-party health commission

CSP chief executive Karen Middleton

The idea is currently being debated in Parliament and has received support from politicians, charities and professional bodies.

Karen Middleton, chief executive of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, said:

“We are pleased to join a wide coalition of patient groups, charities, professional bodies and politicians in calling for a cross-party commission on the future of health and social care services.

“It is crucial that the commission does two things.

“Firstly, it must face up to the sheer scale of the cost and care challenges arising from our ageing population, technological and medical advances and the public’s changing aspirations.

"This means a relentless focus on preventing ill-health, from obesity to falls.  It also means targeting attention, resources, the workforce and outcomes towards improving quality, not just length, of life.

"This is ultimately good for patients and the public; and offers a greater chance of a more sustainable NHS. Whilst we welcome the additional investment the Government has made in the NHS, much more is required.

“And secondly, it should put patients and health professionals – who experience what it’s like to be on the frontline every day - at its heart.

"Many of the answers we need can be found in pockets of excellence across the country, such as the physiotherapists working with GPs to provide direct access to physiotherapy in local surgeries.

“The commission provides an opportunity to work together to debate, plan and deliver services fit for 2020 and beyond.”


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