Paternity leave and pay

Wherever you work, you may be entitled to one or two whole weeks’ Ordinary Paternity Leave, but this depends on your service record with your employer and your relationship to the person taking maternity leave.


Depending on your earnings level, you may be entitled to Ordinary Statutory Paternity Pay.

If you work in the NHS and are a biological and adoptive father, nominated carer or same-sex partner you are entitled to two weeks’ Maternity Support (Paternity) Leave. This is regardless of how long you have worked for the NHS.

If you have worked continuously in the NHS for 12 months you will be entitled to two weeks’ Occupational Maternity Support (Paternity) Pay.

If you are employed outside the NHS you will need to check your contract to see if you have entitlements beyond the statutory minimum.

Biological and adoptive parents may opt to share part of the mothers’ 52 weeks’ statutory maternity leave under the Shared Parental Leave Scheme.

More details are contained in our information paper on paternity leave and pay.

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