Parents and parents-to-be

This section covers essential information for members who are parents or are planning to be parents, and for stewards who are advising them.


Maternity leave and pay

Basic maternity rights apply to everyone, but what you are entitled to will vary depending on who your employer is and how long you have worked there.

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Maternity leave and pay rights

Paternity leave and pay

You may be able to take one or two weeks' paternity leave to look after your baby and support your partner.

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Paternity leave and pay rights

Adoption leave and pay

Parents who are adopting have the right to take adoption leave, which works in a similar way to maternity and paternity leave.

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Adoption leave and pay rights

Parental leave

This type of leave is designed to give parents more time with their children, but it is usually unpaid.

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Parental leave rights

Flexible working

If you have been with your employer for long enough, you can make a request for flexible working – but they are not obliged to accept it.

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Flexible working rights