Become a workplace contact

A CSP workplace contact is an informal role for members, who act as a voice of the Society in the workplace.

Help organise workplace meetings (c) Nathan Clarke

The CSP represents you and your profession to your employer, your regulatory body and to the general public. To do this well we rely on our established network of representatives to recruit and engage with members.

To be most effective, we also need a wider team of active members locally. That’s why we have developed the workplace contact role to help build that local team.

Why not join our team? 

If you don't feel you have enough time to become a steward or a safety rep but would still like to be involved, we are seeking workplace contacts to:

  • Help organise member meetings and other workplace events
  • Sharing info about CSP workplace activity and campaigns
  • Help your steward map and recruit members in your workplace.

We want to build a local CSP team in every workplace. Although the role is voluntary and does not come with paid time off, any member can put themselves forward. This is not a standalone role and forms part of the CSP team, alongside the CSP steward and safety rep.*

If you are interested in this opportunity, please email:

*In organisations where there are currently no stewards, the workplace contact may be a standalone role until such time as a steward is elected. In this case, you will receive strong support led by the CSP organising team.
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