Rep of the year awards 2019

Does your rep deserve special recognition? Nominate them for a Rep of the Year award

  • Has your Steward gone the extra mile for you and other CSP members?
  • Has your Safety Rep made your work environment a safer place?

Nominate your rep today and they could win a £100 prize in a special ceremony at the Annual Representatives Conference.

But be quick: nominations are open only until 19 April 2019.

Read the advisory guidance below before making your nomination, and make sure you're logged in to the website before using the link to the online form.

Terms and conditions for the 2019 awards can be accessed at the foot of this page.

Rep of the Year advisory guidance

The awards are judged on the following categories:

  1. Running successful campaigns to improve working life
  2. Recruiting and communicating effectively with members
  3. Encouraging CSP members to be active at work
  4. Assisting CSP members with individual problems at work
  5. Integrating equality and diversity into their work as a rep

Please e-mail Siân Caulfield if you have any queries.