Non-NHS pay and conditions

The independent sector is characterised by the diverse nature of its employers, which means that negotiating pay and conditions is very much employee-led.


Over a third of our members work in the independent (or non-NHS) sector. Workplaces range from independent hospitals, the voluntary sector, industry and higher education, to sports clubs, leisure services and private practice.

In the NHS, pay and conditions are largely transparent. This is not the case in the independent sector and gaining an informed view of what makes up the average pay and reward package isn't easy. The lack of transparency can make negotiating your own uplift tricky, so get help from the CSP's Employment Relations & Union Services (ERUS).

ERUS produce a number of information papers of specific interest to members working outside of the NHS. This includes information on the Agenda for Change agreement, which may help inform your own pay negotiations.

Are you experiencing detrimental proposals regarding your terms and conditions?
Call CSP enquiries on 020 7306 6666 to find out how you can talk to your regional negotiating officer. You can also use our feedback form to tell us about any planned changes to your workplace.

ERUS can also help with:

  • advice in terms of constructing pay claims
  • advice on contracts of employment and self-employed relationships
  • pay surveys of groups of members by sector
  • supporting claims for trade union recognition
  • support at grievance and disciplinary hearings and at employment tribunals
  • advice on health and safety issues

The CSP also has partnership agreements with relevant education unions to represent CSP members.

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Read a Frontline Help at Hand feature to find out how the CSP supports members working outside the NHS.