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The principles of equality, diversion and inclusion underpin everything the Society does, not least its support to individual members.

CSP networks and resources

Members of the CSP's diversity networks

Diversity networks

The CSP has three diversity network groups:

The society also has an equality, diversity and inclusion member group which reports to the Industrial Relations Committee.


Equality & Diversity toolkit

The CSP's Equality & Diversity toolkit is a user-friendly resource for key information on all equality and diversity issues. It's aimed at all members including clinicians, managers, stewards, safety reps, educators, associates and students.

The toolkit guides you through equalities law and best practice in the workplace, and helps provide the confidence to start discussions and raise awareness. More resources for members are listed further down this page.

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Equality and diversity policy

The CSP's equality and diversity policy was produced to provide the necessary encouragement and guidance to all members to implement its provisions. It is intended to apply to all CSP members. 

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Equality and diversity and coronavirus

The CSP has been working to support and protect members at work during the Covid-19 pandemic on issues related to equality and diversity.

This includes close collaboration with the CSP diversity networks to ensure their views are heard and represented. 



Problems at work?

If you are facing problems at work, find out what employer policies you are covered by, and then if necessary contact your local steward for advice.

CSP stewards have been trained to deal with members' problems, including harassment and discrimination. In complex cases, local stewards will be supported by CSP senior negotiating officers. 

CSP members also have access to professional legal services.


How trade unions help promote workplace equality, diversity and inclusion

Physio Rachael Machin shares her story on how trade unionism helped her to promote equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace.


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