Bite-size guides to discrimination and equality at work

Diverse hands reaching up

Race discrimination and equality

Here we explain what things count as race discrimination and how the law protects individuals from race discrimination at work.

A wheelchair

Disability discrimination and equality

Learn about the law against disability discrimination, and the help available to enable people with disabilities to join or stay in physiotherapy.


Sex discrimination and equality

This section looks at what counts as sex discrimination and how health issues that differently affect women and men impact on their work.

Two men exchanging rings during a ceremony

Marriage and civil partnership discrimination and equality

A guide to how discriminating against people because they are married or in a civil partnership is unlawful.

Clipboard with a gavel, pen and spectacles on a desk

Religion and belief discrimination and equality

How the law protects workers from discrimination on grounds of religion or belief work and how it works out in practice.

a group of physiotherapists at a table

Age discrimination and equality

Information about what things count as age discrimination and how the law protects individuals from age discrimination at work.

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