Learning and Development Principles for CSP Accreditation of Qualifying Programmes in Physiotherapy

This paper sets out the principles on which physiotherapy qualifying programmes should be based in order to obtain Chartered Society of Physiotherapy accreditation.

For CSP accreditation/re-accreditation, programme teams will be asked to clarify how their programmes are designed to:

  • build and consolidate core physiotherapy knowledge, skills values and behaviours to enable students to develop into safe, effective, caring, confident and autonomous physiotherapists
  • reflect the needs of local, national and global populations
  • prepare graduates to work flexibly across care contexts and be prepared to meet challenges associated with population trends and shifting demographics
  • prepare graduates to deliver effective services that are centred around whole-patient care across the lifespan and spectrum of health and well-being, illness/disability and end of life care
  • develop skills to identify and implement best practice
  • develop research skills
  • develop graduate confidence in the application of health informatics and technological advances to support research and improvements in practice
  • clarify expectations of existing and emerging job roles for newly qualified physiotherapy graduates
  • oncorporate scope of practice, develop life-long learning skills and raise awareness of links between continuing professional development and future career pathways
  • develop entrepreneurship and awareness of business services evaluation and related commissioning models
  • engender graduate confidence and resilience.

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