First contact physiotherapists (FCPs) - standardised data collection

It is vital that FCPs can demonstrate their effectiveness and efficiency, as well as their impact on GP workload, acute and secondary care pathways. 



In England, NHS England’s Elective Care Transformation programme is conducting a national evaluation, which will help to build an evidence base, share good practice and potentially shape further rollout.

As part of the national evaluation, FCP Amanda Hensman-Crook has worked with the CSP, NHS Digital and NHS England to produce a standardised list of outputs for FCPs, which can be downloaded below. As an FCP, you can use a number of primary care systems to collect this data via structured templates. These are coded with READ, CTV3 and/or SNOMED terminology. System suppliers have prepared the templates so that you can embed the data collection into your system.

Guidance for imbedding these templates are included in the FCP National Data Collection document below. The templates themselves are available to download from the First Contact Physiotherapy iCSP site.