Disability Discrimination – The Law

The 2010 Equality Act provided a whole new legal framework for equality law incorporating all previous domestic equality legislation (as amended where applicable). The disability provisions of the Equality Act are complex and this factsheet has been created to explain those parts relevant to employment rights as they currently stand.

Contents include:

  • Code of Practice and Guidance
  • Who is covered by the Act?
  • What is meant by ‘substantial’ and ‘long term’?
  • What are ‘normal day to day activities’? 
  • Who is not covered by the Act?
  • What actions by employers would count as discrimination?
  • What actions by employers would not be seen as discrimination?
  • Reasonable adjustments 
  • What kinds of adjustments should be made?
  • How do you decide if an adjustment is reasonable? 
  • Disability and health-related questions in recruitment 
  • Occupational pensions 
  • Promoting disability equality 

This publication was previously known as "The Law on Disability Discrimination"