Covid-19 - CSP policy statement on the restoration of physiotherapy and rehabilitation services

In response to the restarting of healthcare services in each UK country, the CSP is calling for governments and healthcare providers to:

  • Urgently restart paused physiotherapy in primary, community and elective services.
  • Facilitate this by ensuring physiotherapy space, facilities and IT resources.
  • Plan how to avoid further disruption of physiotherapy and rehabilitation services in the event of a second spike and clear the backlog of unmet need.

Recommended actions

  1. Urgent restoration of community physiotherapy and rehabilitation, FCP, outpatients and elective care services.
  2. For services to be accessible and effective we now need a return to face-to-face service provision alongside virtual provision.
  3. Provide the facilities to enable the reopening of services, including returning requisitioned physiotherapy and rehabilitation space as well as providing community based alternatives and IT to reduce hospital based provision.
  4. Facilitate services to offer services both face-to-face and virtually to increase accessibility of services,provide choice and be prepared for a second spike.
  5. Commit to protecting rehabilitation and community capacity in the event of a second spike.
  6. Take measures to increase the capacity of rehabilitation services through workforce deployment and expansion.
  7. Require NHS services to provide practice placements for the workforce in training to avoid exacerbating.