Annual Quality Review - UK pre-registration physiotherapy education 2017/18

This is the twelfth composite Annual Quality Review report and forms a central component of the CSP’s quality assurance and enhancement arrangements.

It utilises data acquired through programme providers’ submission of the annual quality review process, to provide a national profile of CSP-accredited programmes.

The theme for 2017/18 focused on cultural competence, looking at how programmes develop their students’ ability to interact effectively with people of different cultures and address health inequalities, in ways that take account of their beliefs, behaviours and needs.

This year’s report is presented in two parts, as the practice-based learning section will be included in a wider report, combining data from the practice-based learning campaign.

This report will be available in Spring 2019. 

The 2016/17 report

The theme for 2016/17 focused on the efforts of higher education institutions to widen participation, increase equality, diversity and social inclusion of the physiotherapy student population.

The 2015/16 report

The theme for 2015/16 focused on how research activities and outcomes are embedded into programmes and how students are helped to become users and producers of research.