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Coming home after hospital

For many people a period in hospital or a care homeĀ  will leave them with lower fitness levels than before their admission. We are frequently engaged by individuals for a specilised Live in Care package that includes Physiotherapy input to help regain functional independence as quickly as possible and to help a loved one settle in to a safe independent home routine once more.

For whatever the reason you went into hospital, time as an inpatient involves long periods of relative inactivity which can mean patients leave weak and unable to do as much for themselves as prior to admission. Some NHS community services are offered on discharge to a strict small group of patients for but the courses are short and only provided to those who will recover quickly.

For the many who do not fall into these categories we are able to offer structured plans of care and input that will help regain functional and full fitness levels if it is at all possible. At the very least, having an ongoing Physiotherapy inspired programmes will maintain your functional level or help slow physical deterioration if this is your conditions course.

If you are looking for a full time package of care then integrating clinical services with home care will offer you the best chance of getting and staying fit that you will be able to find from non-clinically led service providers.

If you are looking for a short term period of live in care inspired by Physiotherapists then we are also the best choice for you physical wellbeing due to our experience and range of options that we are able to offer.

This can often be a complex and confusing area, call us for an informal discussion on what the best way forward for you or your loved one might be and feel free to read both the Short Term and Long Term Care sections on our web page to find out more.

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