Scope of Practice: What next?

If, after working through the prompt questions, you are still not clear on your position regarding scope, you can contact the CSP’s Professional Advice Service (PAS).

Contact the Professional Advice Service

Using the link below, include your name and membership number and as accurately and as concisely as possible, describe your planned activity and its context.

If you have completed the prompt questions download, please attach it to your email.

Email PAS: More scope guidance required

PAS will be able to guide you through the decision making process. If a decision is still not able to be made, your query may be referred to the Professional Practice & Service Delivery Committee (PPSD) for further consideration.

PPSD sub-committee will consider the information presented by the member, experts and the evidence base and advise the member as to their decision and whether the activity/task/role sits within the scope of the profession.

Email feedback on the Scope prompt questions

We would welcome your feedback on your experience of using this Scope information. Please email the Professional Advice Service using the email link below.

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