Additional CSP insurance schemes

The CSP PLI scheme meets most members’ needs. Some members may need additional insurance, some of which is available to CSP members via James Hallam (formerly Graybrook).


Individual top-up insurance

You can apply and pay individually to increase the basic limit of professional liability cover from £7.5m per claim to £10m per claim. The top up in cover applies to all areas of physiotherapy work, except the treatment of animals and of certain professional footballers.

Small business medical malpractice indemnity for physiotherapy practices

The CSP PLI scheme is for members working as individuals either as sole traders or sole-trader limited companies. The CSP recognises that many members operate small businesses which will need bespoke medical malpractice insurance to cover the business’s professional liabilities. See our Hot Topic on Running a Business.

All businesses may still need other types of insurance and you must take appropriate advice about your individual business needs. Read the Guide to Business Insurance Cover provided by James Hallam (formerly Graybrook).

Other insurance

There are many other types of insurance that you may need to take advice on. Common ones include Employers Liability Insurance, Occupiers Liability Insurance, and Public Liability cover for your workers, or Event Insurance. These are not included with the main CSP PLI. 

Private practice insurance

Business liability insurance

Treatment of animals

You will need separate medical malpractice insurance if you want to treat animals. The main CSP PLI scheme does not provide cover for work with animals. If you only work with animals you do not have to be registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). This is because the HCPC only regulates physiotherapists who work with humans. If we ask you for your HCPC number to confirm your eligibility to be in a full-practising CSP membership category, please confirm to us that you only work with animals.

Chartered physiotherapists working with animals do benefit from the Public Liability Insurance policy as this covers all areas of work.

ACPAT offers a suitable indemnity scheme to its members, which is brokered by James Hallam (formerly Graybrook). This scheme is entirely separate from the main CSP PLI scheme. To be eligible for this cover you must

  • Be a CSP member in a 'full-practising' category of membership. If you only work with animals remember to declare your exemption from mandatory HCPC registration to the CSP.
  • Be a member of ACPAT in Category A or Category B.

Find out more

If you are not an ACPAT member you must find your own alternative cover.

Further information

For specific enquiries related to the CSP additional insurance policies or for advice on your own insurance needs please contact the CSP insurance brokers:

James Hallam
Saxon House
Duke Street
Essex CM1 1HT

01245 321185




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