Advanced practice physiotherapy

The advanced and consultant-level practice agenda is complex and fast-paced. It is increasingly being progressed on a multi-professional basis, but currently with some variation in each UK country. 


The CSP is strongly engaged with the agenda, including the development of new approaches to supporting, structuring and recognising advanced- and consultant-level learning and practice and through advocating for more advanced- and consultant-level physiotherapists to meet patient and service needs within new models of care.

The CSP’s previous resource on advanced practice is now out-of-date. It has therefore been withdrawn. We are currently producing new, updated resources for members on advanced and consultant practice. 

In the meantime, members are encouraged to refer to the advanced practice briefing statementmulti-professional resources in each country, and other resources on the CSP website relating to scope of practice, learning and development, and workforce development.

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