Ensuring quality seven day and extended services

Here you will find resources to help you shape seven day NHS services in the interests of patients while protecting physiotherapy and other NHS staff against an erosion of their working conditions.


You’ll also see information on how the CSP is lobbying, influencing and campaigning to ensure quality services and quality employment remains central to any roll out of seven day services across the UK.

The CSP and other NHS trade unions support the impetus and rationale for seven day services, where it can be evidenced as enhancing clinical and service outcomes. Many CSP members already work on a seven day basis.

However, the CSP and other health unions are deeply concerned the government-initiated review to determine the expansion of seven day services in the NHS is not being driven by a wish to extend and improve services, but to make detrimental changes to current pay arrangements.

Without adequate funding to staff extended hours, there are likely to be tremendous pressures on rotas, resulting in short staffing. Some employers are resorting to recruiting  bank staff and relying on an increase in voluntary overtime. As overtime and bank staff are both more expensive, this results in overspent budgets. This model is extremely fragile, relying as it does on voluntary overtime. Although the service is sometimes better on weekends than previously, the weekday service suffers if staff are on leave as appointment times are lost.


The Welsh government, in its evidence to the NHS pay review body, emphasised the need to see seven day services as improving and making NHS health care more prudent rather than a simple expansion without any evidence that patient outcomes are improved. They do not argue this has to be provided at the expense of members pay, terms and conditions. The proposal to establish an independent review of the NHS workforce in Wales will also focus on the provision of services outside the 'normal' working week.

Northern Ireland

Currently there is no country wide discussion into seven day services in Northern Ireland and in the context of poor workforce planning of AHPs there is real concern about how they will be rolled out in a way that ensures better services for patients while ensuring quality employment of NHS staff. Read Northern Ireland executive's submission to the pay review body on seven day services.


The Scottish government published in March 2015 an interim report on its programme for adapting NHS services to operate on a 7 day basis. Its programme is headed by a taskforce comprising senior leaders from the NHS and Scottish Government, representatives of health unions including the CSP, professional organisations and patient representatives. Read the interim report.


If you are working for a NHS organisation that is planning seven day services and you have any concerns that patients and/or staff may be negatively affected get in touch with the CSP steward, or failing that your CSP senior negotiating officer.

Conversely, if you are involved in a roll out of seven day services that you believe will be positive to patients and staff, please email Saraka Keating .


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