Starting your First Contact Physiotherapy roadmap portfolio

First Contact Physiotherapists (FCPs) currently in practice are now required to retrospectively evidence their capability and competence as an FCP or advanced practitioner. This may be a daunting prospect for many, but the advice below should guide you through the process.

Begin with the basics

You likely to already have a folder full of certificates from courses on a shelf or qualifications framed on your wall. These can go into your roadmap portfolio if they are relevant.

You may already have collated evidence for a Health and Care Professions Council CPD review that you can utilise if it has been written to a Level 7 standard.

Decide where you are going to store your portfolio. Having a specific location can help you to gather the information and give you the focus to get started. You could use an online tool such as the CSP ePortfolio or create a folder on your computer to save items in.

If you already have a physical folder or digital folder labelled 'portfolio' or 'CPD', we recommend creating a new one for your 'roadmap portfolio'. Starting with a clean slate will help you to be selective about what you include.

Assess what you already have

Save or print out the specific pages of the roadmap that detail the Knowledge, Skills and Attributes (KSA) required for an FCP or advanced practitioner. This gives you an easy way to refer back to them.

Read through the KSAs to familiarise yourself with them. Look through your previous CPD or portfolio folders or files. Pick out any reflections or pieces of evidence that are relevant and recent that you may be able to add to your roadmap portfolio. Double-check that these reflections are represent level 7 writing and practice. Consider the clinical reasoning demonstrated and the critical analysis and appraisal showcased. You could watch the webinar hosted by the Advanced Practice Physiotherapy Network (APPN) on writing a portfolio at level 7.

Look through the learning outcomes of any recent and relevant MSc modules you have completed, as you may be able to map some of the work from these modules to your portfolio.

Examine your job description. You can include this in your portfolio and you should be able to evidence that you are meeting each aspect of it.

Ways to boost your portfolio

Ensure you have completed the required e-learning modules for MSK in primary care and personalised care and completed your mandatory training. You should include the certificates for these in your roadmap portfolio.

Include and reflect on records of all the workplace assessments or supervision sessions you do with your supervisor. The roadmap sets out the type of assessments that are required and gives a guide of how many you may need to include.

Now, look back and see what you are missing from the KSAs and core capabilities. Also look at the roadmap checklist on page 36 of the roadmap.

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