Raising standards for community rehabilitation

While access and capacity are key issues for community rehab, so too is the quality of what is delivered and we have an opportunity ahead to scale up quality community rehabilitation services


Evidence-based standards for community rehabilitation

The CSP is developing a set of standards for the key components of the community rehabilitation pathway. The first of these is for hip fractures. More will follow. See also the standards for rehabilitation for Covid-19 patients.

Hip fracture standards

The CSP's hip fracture rehabilitation standards were created to help support the continuity of rehab across the pathway. They can also ensure care is of the appropriate intensity and frequency to achieve a patient's goals. 

Examples of excellence

To drive up standards in community rehabilitation we need to be learning from what works and sharing innovation. We must also take the opportunity to reduce those interventions that are not supported by evidence.  

Innovations database

The CSP is collecting examples of implemented community rehabilitation projects and initiatives on an innovations database. Use this to get ideas, add your own example to share with others.

Access the database

Submissions to the database are evidence-based interventions that work and are of high value to patients.  

The CSP will promote proven approaches and successful rehab initiatives, develop evidence-based standards for community rehabilitation and promote our existing hip fracture standards.  

NHS Rightcare

NHS Rightcare is leading work with stakeholders to improve the commissioning of community rehabilitation in England. The CSP has been part of this work, along with many other professional bodies and charities. It has resulted in the Community Rehabilitation toolkit, published by NHS England in March 2020. 

As well as being a resource for commissioners and planners, the CSP believes it is a tool to support CSP members across the UK involved in service redesign and influencing local commissioners and planners. 

This is because it is based on principles for quality rehabilitation that the CSP advocates for all: person-centred, integrated and accessible. 

Developing a vision for future rehabilitation 

The CSP believes we need to start thinking differently about how rehabilitation is provided to better meet modern population needs. This includes the place of tech, the role of the wider workforce including carers, how community assets, sports and leisure services and the voluntary sector can work with statutory services to enhance what is offered. 

Over the next few months, we will be canvassing members' opinions as well as working with patient groups, charities and other professional bodies to shape our ideas for the future. 

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