Staffing and workforce

The workforce data model

The workforce data model helps you to project supply and demand for the physiotherapy workforce until 2030. 

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Workforce data model

Staffing Evaluation System for Leaders

The SESL decision support tool is designed to help you develop your skilled judgement, evaluation and critical thinking.

Primarily for use by physiotherapy managers and team leaders, it is available to all CSP members working in any sector or setting, including stewards. 

It can be used reactively or proactively to review issues relating to safe and effective staffing levels. 

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Ready for market

Increasing demand for healthcare and financial restriction means that it is essential for physiotherapy services to be able to demonstrate that they are cost effective.

Cost effectiveness is calculated by comparing the cost of an intervention with its clinical effectiveness to establish the extent to which it is providing value for money. This information can be used by commissioners to decide how to allocate limited healthcare resources.

This guide offers information on providing a cost effective physiotherapy service

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Equality and diversity