Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention

The QIPP (Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention) process is a way of thinking innovatively and imaginatively about how things can be better in the NHS.

Self referral to MSK physiotherapy has successfully been through the QIPP process and is now on the NHS evidence website: Musculoskeletal physiotherapy: patient self-referral.

As services move towards Any Qualified Provider status, it is more vital than ever that they are able to show the quality and value of care.

Taking proactive steps to implement a QIPP pathway, such as SR to MSK Physiotherapy is an excellent way of demonstrating a commitment to quality improvement and cost effectiveness.

Further information

See the Frontline news story New AHP toolkits promote ways to save NHS cash about the launch of toolkits to promote AHP services to commissioners.

Access the QIPP toolkits on the NHS Networks website.

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